The scurrilous, global cult comic Modern Toss is the work of Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. As writers, cartoonists, and animators they’ve taken Modern Toss in many different directions- from challenging late night television to cutting edge advertising, and from international design magazines to greeting card racks.

Next year, it will be 10 years since Modern Toss released their first comic which was kindly financed in 2004 by advance orders from fans, and has since developed into a series of eight irregularly released comics. The early ones are now highly collectable (especially the second, with its free sample of royal hair). Issues 1 to 4 of the comic were released as books by Macmillan, alongside the blockbuster ‘Work Book’ and ‘All You Can Eat of Homeclubber’. A top notch slim volume of verse by the ‘Drive By Abuser’ is also available too, published by Modern Toss themselves. They have since published ‘More Work’ book and the ‘Desperate Business” in 2012, a series of recession inspired cartoons for Private Eye, one of which is part of the permanent collection at the V&A.

Their first TV series, broadcast on Channel 4 in 2006, was a ground breaking mix of blunt-talking, animated characters with bizarre and surreal live action. Described as ‘badly drawn, utterly foul-mouthed, mean spirited and misanthropic…also very, very funny” by the Independent on Sunday, the series won unanimous critical praise and was nominated for a Rose D’Or award in 2009. Their second series was snapped up and broadcasted in the U.S. in 2009.

Acclaimed sitcom Work Experience was broadcast on E4 and in 2011 and Chaos Laboratories, a live action, sci-fi themed animation (with Paul Kaye and Simon Day) was also commissioned by BBC Online. The brilliant Business Mouse cartoon was broadcast on Channel 4 in August 2012 and picked up a Royal Television Society Award. Robin of Essex also debuted in 2012 with Channel 4 online. Along with a showing of Modern Toss, Channel Four commissioned five promos for their Funny Fortnight in August 2012. Jon and Mick are currently developing a new TV series for broadcast in 2014.

They have had three exhibitions at Brighton’s Ink_d gallery, during which the highly collectable ‘Buy More Shit Or We’re All Fucked ‘ plastic bag, part of their inspired ‘Improperganda’ range, became the shopper’s favourite. A celebration of their artwork took place in London’s Maverick Gallery in June 2010, where their startlingly innovative ‘Periodic Table of Swearing’ print became an international phenomenon. Since then, it has gone from print, to an actual table which was exhibited at Latitude festival, alongside the Portrait Booth in 2011.

Modern Toss returned to Somerset House Pick Me Up Design Festival in April this year and created the world’s longest cartoon strip called the ‘Fuckyeux Tapestry’.

Their work features regularly in The Guardian and Private Eye magazine.

modern toss Jon Link and Mick Bunnage